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Budapest design week 2017 - Business Design

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

This has been the first time I've visited the Budapest design week. Well a part of it at last.

I've attended The Business Design - Design Challenges in large enterprise round table discussion and workshop, which has been brought by Telenor Hungary. Firstly the round table discussion tool place at Mosaik (a coworking and training hub) where representatives of Telenor Hungary, E.On , NN insurance and Exalt Interactive discussed not just what it takes design a good service, but also how to create and maintain best practice internally, within a large enterprise. The discussion was mocked up into a mind map done by the Telenor Hungary's Service design lead Bartofi Zsolt, who's been drawing it along the conversation at the background of the stage.

The other part of this event was a workshop at 'Padlas Workshop' (which was at attic space of a historic building located at the heart of Budapest - with stunning view and very relaxed atmosphere). Here we've done some brainstorming exercises among munching some yummy nibbles and chatting ourselves away.

It was a very refreshing to try new ways of brainstorming and exercises for 'emptying' our mind.

You can see some more photos on Design Week Hungary's official website on the link below:

I'm looking very much forward to the next one!

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